"Serenade Fungicide" Serenade Garden Disease Control

Pathogen Biological management of AgraQuest protects as well as plant disease , mildew , rust, gray mold , blight and scab prior time of the many afforest diseases. Apply alone or in Wechselspritzprogrammemit new serenade fungicide . typically most operating behind regular spraying begins within the future within the season by currently the malady to receive maintenance .

Serenade Fungicide Garden illness management contains a singular, proprietary strain ( QST 713) of grass bacillus, controls diseases like blaze blight , Botrytis , Sour Rot , Rust, fungus , mildew , microorganism spot and white mould . Apply Serenade Garden illness management, roses, vegetables, fruits, flowering flora and fauna , trees and shrubs at 2-4 oz / gal water.

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                                                       Serenade Fungicide

Serenade Fungicide:: Serenade Garden Disease Control

The same effective control used farmers to grow vegetables and flowers without chemicals
Completely non-toxic to bees and beneficial insects